Week 4 – February Fashion Challenge

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This week was the last week of my fashion challenge and by far my favorite week. I loved all of my outfits, except Sunday when  I seriously just threw anything on to go to Costco. I was definitely feeling retro this week. So my favorite outfit had to be:IMG_20140224_185350 feb 26

I couldn’t choose between these two outfits. The outfit from Feb. 24 was awesome! I truly felt like I just stepped out of the 50s. The outfit from Feb. 26 made me feel so stylish. Who knew that you could rock a turtle neck and long skirt while looking so great. I think the necklace and ankle boots brought it all together.

As I look back over my outfits from February, I realize that I really don’t have a “style”. One day I’m preppy and the next day I’m vintage. I love the fact that I wear so many different styles. But you thing that you can clearly see is that I love skirts and dresses! But I could have told you that from the beginning 🙂

So, now that February is officially over, I need your input! I selected 5 of my favorite outfits from February. Which was your favorite? Vote below!

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