Week 3 – February Fashion Challenge

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week 3, part 1 week 3, part 2


What can I say? I was dressed like a bum two days this week. lol. But reality is that there are some days where I don’t leave my house and I don’t want to waste an outfit! Please tell me I’m not the only one…please. Anyway, I think this week was all about wearing peices that have been sitting in the back of my closet for awhile. That’s what this challenge is all about – taking what you already have and making it new. I never throw clothes away, even if they are too small. You never know how you might use them.

My favorite outfit this week was…February 20! I felt cool and sophisticated. I can’t wait to wear this one again!

feb 20



I have one more week left and then it’s March. So, I’m asking you all for some help. What challenge should I have for March? It can be fashion, crafts, hair, I don’t care. But help me out!

Peace, Love, and No more bummy days!


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