Diy Valentine with Chocolate Lips

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final valentine

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  If you need a last minute valentine idea for your child, this is the valentine for you!


I love creative Valentine’s and when I saw online that used those chocolate lips, I knew that I had to make one for my youngest daughter. I took a close up picture of her. Then, using Picmonkey (if you have never used Picmonkey, you have to check it out. It’s an awesome free photo editor), I added the words and kisses. Next, I sent the pictures to CVS to be printed. Unfortunately, CVS chopped off half of the words at the top and all of the words at the bottom 😦  So, I had to add the words again using Picmonkey. I bought a bag of chocolate lips from the Dollar tree. I think these Valentines turned out pretty cute!

Here’s the before picture:

before valentine



Don’t you just love that smile?

Happy Crafting!


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