Ombre Heart Nails – Day 8

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ombre nails

These nails  are great way of showing off your Valentine spirit! I love the fact that they’re subtle and not too Valentiney (is that even a word?).

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 3 nail polishes – 2 shades of pink and one red
  • paper reinforcements

how to nails


  1. Paint your nails with the lightest color pink. Let nails fully dry.
  2. Take 2 reinforcements and place them side by side (overlapping slighty to create a heart shape) towards the bottom of your nail. Paint your nails with a darker pink. Let nails fully dry.
  3. Repeat step 2. paint your nails with the red color.


  • Find shades that aren’t too similar. The next time I try these nails, I will find a lighter base color.
  • Put the reinforcements on all of your nails (both hands) first. Trust me. It’s so hard to try to put the reinforcments on when you have wet nails.
  • Be patient and let your nails dry completely. I’m so impatient and one of my nails smudged when I was taking off the reinforcments 😦

Happy Crafting!


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