February Fashion Challenge

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fashion challenge


I love fashion, but not in the sense of being trendy and looking like everyone else. I just love to be creative with my look.

A little back story…From September – December, I did not repeat any outfits (Monday – Friday only). It wasn’t as difficult as it seems. In the end, I loved knowing that I was able to make new looks from some clothes I hadn’t worn in awhile.

I challenge you to the February Fashion Challenge: 28 days without repeating an outfit. Now you can repeat an article of clothing, but not the same entire outfit. I’ll be uploading my outfits daily to instagram (thecraftcomplex). If you want to participate, upload pictures of your outfits by using #februaryfashionchallenge. Even if you don’t want to post your pictures, I encourage you to still take pictures daily to create your own lookbook of fashion.

I’m so excited for this to begin!!! Time to go figure what I’m wearing in February.

Happy Crafting (an outfit)!


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